Here, in the BLUE BUDDY team, we are commited to protect your privacy rights.

The aim of this policy is to insure privacy rights for the user or visitor of the BLUE BUDDY application. The application and the website are edited by the BLUE BUDDY association domiciliated at the “7bis rue de la Rosière, 75015 Paris, France. The association is supervised by Philip GORWOOD. You can contact us by email at

1. Commitment on privacy protection

The term “Private Data” designate the informations that identifies you like your name, birthdate, email address or postal address. As part of the use of those data, we are commited to respect the current regulations in place regarding the protection of private data. The following chapters are exposing the modalities of private data collection.

2. Use of private Data

BLUE BUDDY commits to not collect, use or disclose, with full knowledge of the facts, any nominative personal data.

3. Anonymous data

Every data collected by the application BLUE BUDDY is done in an anonymous manner, wether it’s the pages you visit, or the actions you perform.

BLUE BUDDY uses anonymous informations to improve the app and website content and to gather global statistics on their users for internal use only.

4. Third party services

When you use the BLUE BUDDY app, we can reccord anonymous data and informations about your use of the application, like the length and time of your sessions, your unique device identifier, your hardware characteristics (like the MAC address or Operating Systyem version), locale settings (geographical region or spoken language) or geolocalization data.

Those data are helping us to solve issues and to understand usage trends as well as improving and optimizing you user experience. They can be used by third party service providers, like Fabric or Amplitude, then can collect and analyse anonymous data. Those services can use cookies, APIs and software libraries to allow them to collect and analyse anonymous data on behalf of BLUE BUDDY.

The privacy policies of our service provider can include suplementary clauses or informations about their policies regarding data use and collection, as well as their tracking technologies.

5. Diffusion to uninterested recipients

BLUE BUDDY does not accept distribution to uninterested recipients. Such dissemination corresponds to the sending of unsolicited e-mails, generally of a commercial nature, in large numbers and repeatedly to persons with whom the sender has not previously had contact or who have refused to receive such messages.

6. General Mesures

BLUE BUDDY reserve the right to modify or delete at any time and for any reason the dispositions of this policy. By using the app, the user implictly accepts those kind of modifications. We consequently advise the user to regulary read this charter to aknowledge those new conditions.

7. Contact chez BLUE BUDDY

If you have any questions or complaints about BLUE BUDDY’s privacy practices, or if you would like to make recommendations or comments to improve the quality of our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at

This Privacy Policy is applicable as of October 24, 2018 and will be updated regularly. We are constantly seeking to improve the tools available to you to process the information we provide to you.